The CL Ranch holdings are comprised of four large blocks of land:


  • A sustainably managed ~6,300 acre parcel with about 3,500 acres of farmland that was transformed into native, drought tolerant grass lands for soil conservation and desert Chemise brush for wildlife cover in 1987 as part of a family initiative to protect the topsoil, provide wildlife habitat, and idle the farm land in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Reserve Program. 


  • The east pasture is about 11,000 acres of fenced grasslands with a small sustainable herd of cattle. 


  • Section 10: about 900 acres parcel containing 2 flood control dams that have protected Dell Valley for over 20 years from natural flood disasters. There are high capacity wells located on this property. 


  • The Lotus pasture: about 7,700 acres of open range, ranch land. This property was the subject of a due diligence and supplementary well field study by the CH2MHill engineering services firm. There is one plugged oil & gas well w/water well. 



The CL Ranch borders 7 miles of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. 2014 marked the official opening of the west entrance to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park Salt Basin Dunes, which is accessed directly through the East Pasture land of the CL Ranch. The hike to the Dunes takes about a half an hour at a leisurely pace from the park's entrance, where one finds shaded picnic tables, restrooms and parking. The night sky is a star gazer's dream from the west side of the park. 





At various times throughout each year, the CL Ranch is inhabited by Prong Horn Antelope, and Deer. The migration of the Sandhill Crane in the fall, heralds the coming cold temperatures. The permanent residence to coyotes, rabbits and lizards, they are scarcely seen as they blend with the natural flora. Sage, Yucca, and the evergreen Creosote Bush are predominant in the landscape, along with the native grasses typical in the Chihuahuan desert.